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We took our world-class network and created a dedicated lane for first responders called Responder Private Core. To learn more about how Verizon can give you priority access during a crisis, visit

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Coach Lynn was laying on the ground, completely unconscious.
He was in bad shape.
I didn't think I was gonna make it that day. I got hit pretty hard, flew 45-50 feet across the street, landed on top of another car.
I was the first on scene. We called for firefighters and paramedics.
The ambulance shows up and we start communicating with each other.
I don't think anybody with that injury has a high survival rate. I think he was very lucky.
Every second mattered. It was life or death for me. Thank God for first responders to get there when they did. I should have died that day and I didn't.

Written Text

Anthony Lynn
In 2005, NFL Head Coach Anthony Lynn was almost killed by a drunk driver.
Verizon technology helps first responders stay connected during emergencies.
Because when your team is connected, you're ready to save lives.
Are you ready?
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America's most reliable network.

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