Verizon First Responders | Group :60

We took our world-class network and created a dedicated lane for first responders called Responder Private Core. To learn more about how Verizon can give you priority access during a crisis, visit

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There was a car accident. Big crash and the car was split in half.
I remember the TV is showing a twister like something out of a movie.
Injuries ranging from head trauma, broken limbs...
The quicker you get more units there, the quicker the victims can get the proper care that they need.
Without communication equipment, they've would've been way, way worse.
I'd do it because I love helping people.
I think the job picks the man. It's not the other way around. It's just what I'm here to do.
It helps me feel good that I help save lifes, you know?

Written Text

First responders keep our communities safe with Verizon technology that helps them respond to emergencies.
When your team is connected, you're ready.
Are you ready?
Learn more at

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