Verizon Careers Insights: Yusra - A Company That Cares

Yusra of Human Resources thinks customers want to do business with companies who do more good. Check out how you can join the Verizon team and create your impact at

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This should be easy, right? I think it's really important for our customers to do business with a company that cares because they know that the money that they put toward their serves that they purchased is actually being utilized in the best way, and I know Verizon does a great job at that. We actually care about our environment. We actually care about, you know, our communities in our society, and you see that every single day. I think that it's really important to remember that we're all part of this bigger society, this bigger community, and we're doing our part for the world.

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Customers choose Verizon because we're the best.

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Why our customers choose Verizon
Yusra - Human Resources

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