The commercial begins with a doctor looking at an MRI scan using the Apple iPad to view it. They are using their finger to scroll through the scan of a knee (medical). Then the person is watching a live baseball game on the iPad (live), followed by playing a virtual keyboard by pressing the keys which are displayed on the touch screen (musical). Someone can then be seen updating a spreadsheet which then flips over to show a bar chart (work). They are then playing a football game (play) and then watching a home video of two girls playing on a playground including zooming in on part of the screen while the video is still playing (memories). Next they are browsing their news feed/wall on facebook and looking through someone's picture album (social). They then read a Time magazine online (magazines), followed by zooming into Stonehedge on a satallite mapping program (historic).

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iPad is medical, live, musical, work, play, memories, social, magazines, historic. iPad 
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Time - Lake Invaders

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