Find Your Smile in San Diego

Your San Diego smile is waiting. It could be a one-more-wave smile at the end of a perfect beach day or a here’s-to-the-good-life grin at a local craft brewery. It might come at the end of an epic hike, after a new favorite dish, while exploring a jaw-dropping sea cave or while taking in the views from a downtown rooftop bar. Wherever your path takes you in San Diego, the result is the same: ear-to-ear awesomeness.

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(Lyrics) Where have you been?
Take it all in
Miles and miles away
The air is magic
Breathe in grab it
We'll be happy, happy today

Oh oh feel so good again
Oh oh I just wanna dance
And I don't want it any other way
'Cause I'm happy today
Happy today

Written Text

You're in San Diego
San Diego
Happiness is calling
Find Your Smile at

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