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The nearest supermarket is 2000 kilometers away. So, we do what we can for food. Cha! That was the kitchen. Let's go to the living room.

Geographically, here we are at the antipode of France. Here's the Earth. Here's Paris. Draw a straight line and you end up here. It's not perfect, but it's not France. Because France is the land of cheese, what's why. And cheese has never been possible.

Are you mad doing that in front of him?

And it was the same at work.

As you can see on the "camembert" pie chart, camembert, camembert, camembert...

Here I live in perfect harmony with nature. Be careful. There are monkeys. Is anyone there?
Well, yes, yes. I miss my family. Especially my son.

Mr. Crow perched on a tree. Was holding in his beak a piece of chee... chicken.
That's my boy.

Champion. Cheese is mice's favorite food. Once you know that, you understand everything. Yeah, it needs thinking about. So the day I found out Burger King was creating Cheese Lovers - burgers with cheese all over - cheese sauce, cheese bread, cheese slices, I moved to the other side of the world. I had no choice.

Currently the Cheese Lover. Unique burgers for those who are crazy about cheese. (simply crazy you mean).

And why not steak with cheese. Come on!

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Cheese Lover & Bacon
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