Les Misérables: Trailer - BBC

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You look like an angel. I'm utterly at your mercy.
I don't believe you.
Let me prove it.
The ground we walk on, we could fall through at any time and no one would care.
But why should it always be like that?
Because it is.
Whatever you think, you can never win.
Jean Valjean, you don't think it possible that kindness and love can change a man?
Oh, Cosette, whatever are we gonna do now?
Your little darlin' want for nothin' in our lovin' care.
Child should be able to play now and then. 'Specially at Christmas.
Oh, and some people should learn to mind their own business.
You don't know what the world is like!
But I want to see for myself.
Paris is a tinderbox. It'll only take a spark to set it off.
An epic six-part drama, Les Miserables, on BBC One

Written Text

Where There Is Love
There Is Hope
Les Miserables

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