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You don’t settle for two-star service. So why do you settle for a two-star bank? Low rates, subpar service, being treated like you’re just another number. That’s not right. You work hard for your money – be picky about where you put it!

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You wouldn't trust a two-star sushi restaurant.
You wouldn't hire a one-star sitter.
That's pretty!
You should get one!
You don't call the first plumber on the list, do you?
So why do you stick with a bank that treats you like this?
Isn't it time you look for better?
It's not dinner, it's your money!
Just till you deal with everything else.
Yeah, check the, uh, check the uh...
Online reviews!
Ask the internet!
Ask your friends.
Ask your co-workers.
We're pretty sure they'll send you over to us.
Because we're not just a bank...
...we're an ally.
Ally, this is Pamela, how can I help you? Yes, definitely.
That's me.

Written Text

do it right.
banking | investing | home loans

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