It's not just the fit, it's how you wear it. And how you wear it is who you are.

Our line-up of talented cool girls shows you how to make trusted Topshop classics your own and introduces two brand new styles.

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What makes me stand out is I like to throw myself into the unknown.
Well, obviously my red hair.
Just do crazy, wild things. Push myself to the limit.
Inherently I've always felt like an outsider. And kind of take that fragility and make it powerful. I guess that's standing out.
I personally think that everybody stands out because nobody is really the same, like everybody stands out in their own way.
I never liked to follow other people. When everyone goes that way, I go that way.
I don't feel like I fit in with a lot of people because I'm like a little bit odd and a little bit weird sometimes.
Everyone finds their tribe. Any city I go to, I can find mirrors of myself.
I love these jeans. Their high-waisted and just flared.
I've gone through some phases but I always go back to that kind of super baggy, high-waisted.
I like how they fit my body. You can see my waist.
You just wear what makes you feel good.

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Fit In
Stand Out
Topshop Denim

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