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Recently traded Raptors sensation Delon Wright surprised fans as he approached the locker room, red-carpet style, HUNGRY! Nothing good happens when an NBA player forgets to eat before a big game. The ex-Toronto Raptors point guard made a hungry decision and wore a ridiculously oversized suit, perhaps a throwback to 2003, on his tunnel walk to the locker room


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What happens when hunger strikes before a big game? You lose your swag when you're hungry.
I was so hungry, I must've thrown it back to 2003. But thanks to Snickers, I have my swag back.
Anytime, Delon. Next time, have a Snickers before you suit up.

Written Text

What Happens When Hunger Strikes Before A Big Game?
Delon Wright
Toronto Raptors
You Lose Your Swag When You're Hungry.
Next Time Have A Snickers Before You Suit Up.

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