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Following the launch of his album we take a trip to Morocco with Hamza to find out more about the creative process behind the single “Paradise.”

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Paradise is a bit like getting back to basics. I'm from Brussels, Belgium. I haven't been to Morocco for ten years, maybe more. And when I went back I really discovered my roots, where my family came from. Given that I'm Moroccan too, it's important to know where you come from.

I've listened to music a lot with my father since I was little. So when he took us to school or when we were in the car with him, he always put on good music. And I started composing, exploring, writing. When you start making music, you know, there's an evolution, there are stages.

Paradise, the album's first single. I was at the studio and were were listening to some productions with Ponko, and he had me listen to this one loop.

I liked the melody, but not the percussion that I did on that project. I said to myself, I'm going to play it for Hamza in the studio. And when I played the melody for him, he dug it right away.

There I had the flow right away.
Yeah, you had it on the spot.

I like to arrive at the studio and let my creativity, I like it when it's immediate. I listen to the prod, bam. You have the melodies, bam, you have the lyrics that come, it's an energy.

So to start off, the intro, it's the guitar melody. I added a drum loop that's a bit more quote-unquote rock, more acoustic, when sounds like this. Then you go immediately to the main melody which goes back to its normal pitch. Then the clap.

Even if there are no words, even if there's nothing it already bounces. You know? So you know that if you're going to bring in some words, you've got good melodies on top. What I want them to feel is that to begin with, anything's possible if you work at it, anyone can succeed in life. When you die you don't take anything with you, and this is the message in the album.

(Lyrics) J'suis sur le coin, contrôle de keufs donc j'y vais maint'nant
Louper le train, louper le coche, jamais i'le fais, nan nan

Demain, j'la tej car elle n'aime que ma maille
Tous les week-ends, j'fly
Bienv'nue à Sauce Paradise, j'vois ces niggas s'inventer des lifes
Et mes jeunes veulent d'la coke en détail et les junkies déraillent
Et ma maman en perd les pédales
J'en parle aven mon Henny la night

Ils rageront encore et encore et encore et encore et je sais
Mais on mangera encore et encore et encore et encore et je sais

Coupe des briques dans la traphouse, compte les liasses dans la mama house
Et ta life, on s'en bat la race, il s’est passé des choses dans ma life Choses que j'n'attendais pas mais regarde-moi, j'suis encore là
Seul Dieu sait qu'j'en ai plein l'cœur

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