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The average Canadian Dairy Farm has 89 cows, and you stick around I'll tell you all 89 of their names. Look for this logo for honest Canadian dairy.
OK, um, Theresa, Claire, Nancy, Belinda, May, Belinda May, Tootie, Sweet Pea, Claudia Heifer, uh, Jane, Greta, Cindy, Annie, Tandy, Candy, Tammy, Sandy, Bubbles, Lydia, Sandra, Sandrah with an "H", Eva, Ava, Jillian, Delilah, Violet, Buttercup, Lightning, Vanessa, Wendy, Saphire, Toddy, Jennifer, Gennifer with a "G", Heather, Sasha, Pluto, Sassy, Brassy, Bernice, Pinky, Rebecca, Cynthia, Winky, Darlene, Mabel, Mabel Syrup, Quince, Cheryl, Lorraine, Lurleen, Denise, Rita, Rosebud, Daisy, Christina, Becky, Teenie, Alexandra, Georgina, Gina, Abby, Gail, Abigail, Phyllis, Jolene, Dolly, Beatrice, Cinnamon, Cinema Lady, Beth, Bethany, Goldie, Peggy, Sue, Peggy Sue, Moonbeam, Moon Jumper, Bessie Mae Flowerpot, Dana, Other Annie, Scarlett, Lou, Lou Lou, Lou Ann, Louann, and my personal favorite, Sam.

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