Look Past the Labels: NOT SMART ENOUGH

"It's not that I'M NOT SMART. I just can't think when I don't get ENOUGH to eat."

When you look past the labels, you'll see there's more to every kid's story. It's the difficulties students face outside the classroom that often increases their odds of dropping out. Support 90% Graduation by 2020 and help give Anchorage students the support they need to get back on track, graduate high school, and realize a brilliant future.

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It's not that I'm not smart, I just can't think when I don't get enough to eat. I want to graduate.
There's more to every kid's story. Visit to help Anchorage students graduate.

Written Text

I'm Not Smart Enough
It's Not That I'm Not Smart I Just Can't Think When I Don't Get Enough To Eat.
And You Can Help.
90 Percent By 2020
United Way
United Way of Anchorage
First National Bank Alaska

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