Audi Q8 2018

A short fast paced promo to highlight some features of the new Audi Q8 2018

Written Text

The New Audi Q8 Is Here.
And It Looks Like This
And This
Not Just A New Audi
But A New Kind Of SUV.
5.0 Metres Long
1.98 Metres WIde
1.7 Metres Tall
With Luxury On An Epic Scale
With A Sporty Twist
Coupe Roof.
Virtual Cockpit
Dual Touchscreens
Quattro All-Wheel Drive
And All-Wheel Steering
Especially WIth...
1 Laser Scanner
5 Radar Beams
6 Cameras
12 Ultrasound Sensors
Looking Out For You
Adaptive Cruise Assist
Crossing Assist
Lane Change Warning
Pre-Sense Front
All The Tech
Is That All?
Not Quite.
There's Also
Seamless Connectivity
Intelligent Sat Nav
That Gets You Out Of Jams
The New Q8
With A
50 TDI Engine
Means There's Power To Match Its Brains
The New Audi Q8
Audi Vorsprung durch Technik

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