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DEW was born in Tennessee in 1940, and ever since, we’ve kept the renegade spirit alive. We don’t just embody what it means to be a Tennessee Original—we fuel generations of them, delivering everything they need to pave the way, push boundaries, and cement themselves as Originals in their own right. Sterling and Ian of Eastside Murals have been bringing color and flavor to the city of Nashville in true DEW fashion for years. Through massive murals and unbelievable artistic creations, these guys show exactly what it means to be legendary and spark originality. See how DEW inspired these street artists to create some truly epic artwork. Score your own Tennessee Original gear at

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I think graffiti is what really started it all for both of us. We directly get to, kinda like, change our environment. It becomes a whole new way to, like, interact with the city, different way to leave your mark.
I kinda just get addicted to using a spray paint can.
You can go bigger, easier.
Growing up in Nashville and watching the landscape change, we wanted to maybe be part of that change.
This collaboration with Mountain Dew is more of a way to bring some flavor to our landscape.
Alright, I got the truck.
We really want to tell the story of Mountain Dew and Tennessee.
There's three layers on it now.
We're gonna have a lot of room to, like, freestyle with it.
Alright got it.
Still gotta add this guy in.
We wanted to go back to like, all the natural, outdoorsy things you can do in Tennessee and the rural history of it.
It's gotta have funk to it.
I like it.
Unlike an art gallery where people are expecting to see artwork and think about things like that, work in public space interrupts them when they're not expecting it. Makes them think differently.
I'm trying to always evolve or do something slightly different, or figure out something new.
You know, we have to just keep doing our thing and make it beautiful in our own way.

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Mtn Dew
The Tennessee Original
Tennessee Original
Eastside Murals
Sterling Goller-Brown
Founder, Eastside Murals
Ian Lawrence
Founder, Eastside Murals
It'll tickle your innards!

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