Get a Mac - Better

Apples new Get a Mac commercials

Mac by Justin Long. PC by John Hodgman.

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Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac
PC: And I'm a PC. You know, we use a lot of the same kind of programs.
Mac: Yeah, like Microsoft Office.
PC: But we retain a lot of what makes us, us.
Mac: You should see what this guy can do with a spreadsheet. It's insane.
PC: Oh, shucks.
Mac: Yeah, and he knows that I'm better a life stuff like music, pictures, movies - stuff like that.
PC: Woah, woah, what exactly do you mean by better?
Mac: By better, I mean making a web site or photo book is easy for me, and for you it's not.
PC: Oh. Oh that kind of better. I was thinking of the other kind.
Mac: What other kind?

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