Meet Google Pixel 3a

With the camera you always wanted plus an all-day-all-night battery and the Google Assistant built-in. Starting at $399.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey Google, show me donut shops nearby.

(Lyrics) If your head's in the clouds then what are feet for
You're stuck on the ground and I'm getting bored
Let's turn up the sound let's quit messing around
The sound that we choose
So wachuwannadu

Come on
You know what it is
I'm counting up the minutes and I can't sit still
And not sure when I'll be finished 'cause I got no chill
Pushing everybody's limits and they're like, for real
They know I'm gonna bring it but it's no big deal
'Cause I'm on the come up
Yeah I'm on the come up
Think you can
Bring the beat back
Come on, tell me wachuwanna do
For real

Written Text

The camera you always wanted
Sees in the dark with Night Sight
Like, really sees in the dark
Phone X
Pixel 3a
Shoots beautiful portraits
Saves every photo with Google Photos
With an all-day-all-night battery
And the Google Assistant
The camera you always wanted
was made for this phone
Pixel 3a

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