Magnum introducing The Will by Iris Apfel

MAGNUM x Iris Apfel - Never Stop Playing | Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum. Iris Apfel.This year Magnum is celebrating true pleasure by collaborating with fashion icon, living legend and modern-day muse Iris Apfel. Who better to personify Magnum's mission to #NeverStopPlaying than Iris? This is a woman who has always pursued her own path to pleasure. As Iris says: “I have always lived my life like no-one’s watching. What a waste to live in fear of judgment. Go for it!”

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I have no secret on the matter that the man upstairs has really been very kind to me. Every year is another year for me. I never think of my age, it's just a number. One day I'll be done. And if you're thinking of what I'll do with everything I own, I'm going to leave it all to you. To the critics, I leave you my sense of humor. To the photographers, I give you my lights. To the painters, I give you my colors. And to the young, I give you my inner strength. Never, never stop being authentic. You're not risking, you're not living. And please, be true to yourself.

(Lyrics) We can't let it be
'Cause we live in a time of make-believe

Written Text

Magnum presents
The Will
by Iris Apfel
To the critics
To the photographers
To the painters
And to the young
Be true to your pleasure.
True to pleasure

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