Argos Outdoor TV Advert: Home & Garden so stylish you can wear it!

The new Home & Garden collection so stylish you can wear it. Step into Spring Summer ‘19 with the new collection now in-store and online.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

There's a woman in our lounge with a lamp on her head. The new home and garden collection. So stylish you can wear it. With Argos, you're good to go.

(Lyrics) Fashion
Here we go now
Here we go now
Yo, yo look at me
Walking down the runway like a VIP
Just doin' my thing with my girl Z
Can you b-b-b-b-best believe me
Fashion is my kryptonite

Written Text

The New Home & Garden Collection
So Stylish You Can Wear It
You're Good To Go

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