William Rainer Performs "Can You Stand the Rain" by New Edition

From TV show auditions, to *the* Apollo Theater, and now Walmart’s Associate Talent Search, William’s sung it all. And he’s enjoying every bit of the ride.

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My name is William Rainer. I'm from Jackson, Tennessee. My role at Walmart, I serve on the Cap 2 Team at our North store. You know, I've performed at the Apollo in New York City twice, I've auditioned for every TV show you can think of. I've done American Idol, Star Search, The Voice. Sometimes I would get discouraged on how many failures we rack up, you know, but I'm getting to that age to where, you know, I'm enjoying the ride.

What I love about performing is, when I'm on stage, I'm finally able to release this energy that's been building up. This contest that Walmart has given me an outlet to marry the two together - my job and my personal interest. My children are my motivation all across the board, whether it's if I want to move up within Walmart, if I want to sing more, if I want to be a better drummer, you know. Me and my kids have been through it all. And we've been through it all together. At the end of the day, this is who I do it for. I do it for my children. As a single father, that's definitely something that I have to make sure is first and foremost. We've all run into different little obstacles, but I believe the obstacles I've been faced with has made me more of a fighter.

My name is William and I work at Walmart in Jackson, Tennessee.

(Lyrics) On a perfect day
I know that I can count on you

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William Rainer
Jackson, TN | US

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