Volkswagen, The Others by DDB Paris

Here’s something everybody can agree on: the main problem on the road is other people. Not you. The others.

Obviously. When there is a traffic jam, the others caused it. When there is one only one parking space left, the others take it. Those who drive too fast or too slow, those who park badly and talk even worse are always the same ones: the others. This shared belief inspired Volkswagen’s latest film by DDB Paris. A voiceover delivers an absurd rant against all the others on the road, as if they were a distinct species. Meanwhile, the camera takes us into a quiet journey among all these “others” who actually look a lot like us. This is the moral of the story, summed up by the tagline : We are all others like the others.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The others. The others are everywhere, mostly where they shouldn't be. The others in front don't move. The others behind move too much. The others will always outnumber you and be there just before you. The other don't care about the other others, they have other things to do. They are too young to drive. They are too old to drive. Hell, is other people. Well, that's what others say.

Written Text

We are all others
like the others.
Volkswagen Technologies
Front Assist, Side Assist, Lane Assist
Protect yourself
Protect the others

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