2019 QLED 8K : Official Introduction | Samsung

Real 8K resolution, AI Upscaling, unimaginable contrast, deeper black, incredible depth, consistent color.

Introducing 2019 Samsung QLED 8K #Samsung #QLED8K #8K #QLED

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) And will they line the streets tonight
Singing bathed in the star light
While I'm sitting at the side
Was I the best I could've been
Never asleep enough to dream
You could wish your life away
Chasing lost summer days
And make your peace with the rain

I see the light
I see the light
Oh, I see the light

Written Text

Samsung Presents
Big Screen
Real 8K Resolution
The new level of reality with 33 million pixels
8K AI Upscaling
Powered by QUantum Processor 8K
Direct Full Array
Deeper black and incredible depth
Quantum HDR
Unimaginable contrast with the brilliance of 8K
Ultra Viewing Angle
Consistent color and black from any angle
One Invisible Connection
All-in-one cable, no longer a mess of wires

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