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True power is knowing what you want and letting nothing stand in your way. Watch Catherine take her place when The Spanish Princess premieres May 5 on STARZ.

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Spain and England unite against our enemies so that my son is protected on his throne.
Until that girl arrives... we are lost.
I asked my mother once why I was not afraid of my destiny. She said I may as well be fearful of my own reflection.
I give to you Princess Catherine of Aragon.
God would have me wed the prince. Only then can I protect Spain.
What will happen to her now?
I do not care what will happen to her.
The throne's succession is clear.
May I introduce Prince Henry.
People call me Harry.
You are his brother's widow.
I came here to forge an alliance with England and that is what I'll do.
Do not cross me, Catherine.
There is nothing I won't do to save my family.
Our alliance is in shreds.
She's arrogant and over privileged.
What game does she play?
What makes you think it's a game?
I'm the daughter, of the greatest monarchs this world has ever known. If you challenge me... I shall defeat you.

(Lyrics) Fear no more
Winter is misery Of the coming war
Forever may you reign
Forever may you reign

Written Text

The Spanish Princess
Sun May 5

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