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Break free from the everyday and reality. Festival season is upon us and there’s never been a better time to live your dreams, break rules and dance ‘til the sun comes up. Round up your best girls, we’re shouting out to the bohemian spirits, the ravers and the all-round wild at heart with an edit that caters to every festival style. Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner rock chick, or spread those peace and love vibes, meet us under the stars where the dress-code is “anything goes”. It’s time to live the desert dream.

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(Lyrics) Ponytail dragging
We up in this, what's crackin'?
Minimal, braggin'
'Cause you can damn well see we ain't lacking

Lights, camera, ready for that action
Lights, camara, ready for that action

Tags, snatching, designer on designer it's a habit

'Cause, baby, it's a look, it's a look, it's a look, it's a look
Don't ya see me, cause baby it's a look

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