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I'm out of here.
See ya fellas.
See ya later.
Hello, are you the lock smith?
Yes I am.
Come on in.
We were able to salvage the lock actually.
Good job.
Muchas gracias. Ya tú sabes.
Three feet would be how many yards?
Can you open that for me?
I can try.
The pink?
Let's go Mets!
One...Two... There you go, you look like a movie star now.
Go time daddy!
Number six number six.
Ohhhh man. Took my hat off.
Look there is the stadium.
There you go.
That's crazy!
Let's go Mets!
Lets go Meeets!

(Lyrics) There's a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you

In my brain
I see your face again
I know my frame of mind
You ain't got to be so blind
And I'm blind, so, so, so blind

I'm a man
Can't you see what I am?
I live and I breathe for you
But what good does it do
If I ain't got you, ain't got?

Baby, you don't know what it's like, baby
You don't know what it's like

To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you

Written Text

Let's find more that brings us together.
Facebook Groups
More together.

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