Chasing Gold | Official Trailer | Taco Bell

When Zack Collins (Darren Criss) makes it big singing about his love for Nacho Fries, he must learn the hard way that fame is also for a limited time only. Join us for this powerful ode to hunger, heartbreak, and cherishing what you love while it’s still here.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Promise me no more open mic nights. Call you back.

The taste you you I could never replace

Excuse me. What was that?
You have a real gift, kid. Don't waste it.
I'm just a nobody, okay?
You're wrong. You're a star.

Come on, kid.

The melt of your cheese brought me to my knees

That's the best jingle I've ever heard.
I just like singing about Mexican spices.

Cause you're the love of my life

Jack, listen to me. Are you ready for this?
Nacho Fries forever!

This body cannot be denied

What is this?! Limited time only? What does that mean? Without warm nacho cheese sauce I am nothing!
Can't you write about anything else?
I can only write about what I love.

Written Text

Live Mas Productions
It started as a jingle
It became a phenomenon
But nothing lasts forever
Limited time only Nacho Fries
Chasing Gold
Nacho Fries - now serving for a limited time

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