Same Difference | VW Atlas

The 7-seat Volkswagen Atlas. Designed for America. With room for everyone. #VWAtlas

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Wake up!
I was here first!
Diego! Ma!
Knock it off!
You're already 10 minutes late.

(Lyrics) These are my people
This is the land where my forefathers lie
These are my people
In brotherhood, we're heirs of a creed to live by
A creed that proclaims that by loved one's blood stains
This is my land and these are my people

These are my people
And their cities were raised by hardworking hands
And their faces do tell that they're holding on well
To this, their land
Yes, these are my people

Written Text

There's room for everyone.
Volkswagen Atlas
Best-in-class 3rd row legroom
Drive bigger

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