There's No Place Like Sports

There's no stage that continues to surprise, unite and inspire us when we think we've seen it all. There's no place like sports.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The leader of this Pittsburgh Defense is not getting up.
The ripple effect of our actions can be enormous.
Just never give up, no matter what nobody tell you. Just keep moving.
I'm gonna love you forever and you've given me the most precious moment.
Somebody tell you we can't do something, I guess we'll just show 'em.
The 45 jerseys being placed on the mound.

Written Text

Where Else Do We Dream Of Defeating Our Heroes?
Where Else Do You Fight For More Than A Win?
Where Else Is An Injury Just The Beginning?
Where Else Are Mountains No Match For A Ten-Year-Old?
Where Else Is Standing Up The Bravest Thing You Can Do?
Where Else Does A Walk-On Become The MVP?
Where Else?
There's No Place Like Sports

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