Nicholas the Sweep | Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2019

150 years ago Sainsbury’s opened their first store and Christmas changed forever. Coincidence? Almost certainly… ho ho ho.

Presenting Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2019 which tells the story about how Santa Claus came to be.

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Like all great stories this one starts at the beginning

Come on, you maggots. Move it! Come on, move along There's chimneys to sweep! I don't not pay you to have fun.

Christmas turkey, all the trimmings and exotic delicacies from far, far away.
Thank You, Mrs. Sainsbury! Come on.

GOTCHA! Ho ho ho. Nicholas The Sweep, eh? I got my first thief! I caught him orange-handed!
It wasn't me!
What should we do with him?
Chuck him in the dungeon!
Burn the witch!
Give 'im a fair trial! Sorry, uh uh uh I mean.. BANISH HIM FOREVER! BANISH HIM!
I didn't do it, it wasn't me!
Oh that is disappointing… Some people are just rotten to the core.

Rotten to the core! Ho ho ho! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
It wasn't me!
Sssh I know, I know.
Let's get you somewhere safe.
These are for you.
But..miss..I can’t pay for these.
Well if you can’t do something special for someone at Christmas, when can you?
Miss. There's something I need to do.

What's this? Who's done this? What? What's this? Naughty list? Get back to work!

And that is a totally true story, Merry Christmas

Written Text

Nicholas the Sweep (Chimney Sweep) Christmas 2019
Naughty List: You
Sainsbury's - Making Christmas since 1869

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