Glow Up :30 | Pepsi

Dance like no one’s watching (even when everyone’s watching)

An airport worker starts dancing while he's directing airplanes on the runway.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Boasty, boasty

When me spit it 'pon di riddim every gyal a get wid it
Whine up yuh body and spin it
Girl when yuh bubble, dat ah trouble
Want yuh gimme di sometin' now
Turn it around and bring it
Yuh pressin' it back ah dat nothin'
If yuh push dat button
My girl, don't bother gwaan timid
Wan' see you bruk on, bruk on and fling it
Wan' see your body shaking up to the limit
Wan' see your wild out to Wiley, to S to the P
Stefflon Don and mi don Idris, easy

Written Text

Pepsi - That's what I like

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