Big Show - $1 Double Stacked Tacos (Commercial) | Taco Bell

Dazzle your senses while you can with the $1 Double Stacked Tacos, only on Taco Bell’s Cravings Value Menu.

Some guys walk up to a ticket booth and get a magic ticket that lets them into a circus-like party

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Come one, come all and prepare to make your Taco Bell cravings come true with mouthwatering acts like the three bold flavors of the double stacked taco. A taco so melty, yet crunchy. It's a show like you've never tasted before, all for just one dollar each. The $1 doubled stacked tacos from the cravings value menu. Value that never ceases to amaze.

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Admissions - Double Stacked Taco $1
Chipotle Cheddar, Reaper Ranch, Nacho Crunch

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