TurboTax 2020 Commercial "All People Are Tax People" (Official :60) TV Ad Being a person isn’t always easy. But we all figure out how to do all kinds of remarkable things. We believe if people can be good at doing those everyday tasks, they can do their taxes. See more at

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Being a person is complicated. We all have different, sometimes crazy things to deal with. But we figure it out. In fact, people are always doing impressive things. So how come all these people who do wildly challenging things every day feel like they can't do their taxes? We're talking about a bunch of breakfast-winning, baby-birthing, monster-trapping, front-seat-changing, office-disco-ing, check-splitting, tattoo-removing, zero-gravity-tooth-brushing, late-night-chainsaw-sculpting, dog-walking people. We believe people can be good at anything. Yes, even taxes. Intuit TurboTax.

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