There's No Place Like Sports

There's no stage that continues to surprise, unite and inspire us when we think we've seen it all. There's no place like sports.

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Jake Olson lost his eyesight at age 12.
Reaching out for help, or talking to someone, it does really work.
All of these millions of girls, they can come out to watch how women lead.
After a leave of absence, it's been an emotional week for Blake.
This is what it's about. It's about everybody being as one.
She was 152 in the world.
The old record lasted two minutes!
They never said it would be easy!

Written Text

Where Else Are You The Only One You Need To Beat?
Where Else Can A Snap Prove Everyone Wrong?
Where Else Can One Person Make Millions Feel Less Alone?
Where Else Do We Finally Discover Who We Can Be?
Where Else Is The Other Team On Your Team?
Where Else?
There's No Place Like Sports

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