Holiday — The Surprise

Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places.

Make someone’s holiday with iPad.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get off my side!
No! Walk around!
Guys it doesn't matter what side you're on!
I'm not touching you!
You're so annoying, get off me!
Hey girls, please can you...c'mon!
Here, here. Just watch something there or play a game.
I'm hungry!
The sign is up there.
On or off?
No I like it off.
Babe, Can you grab the iPad?
Naw, I like it on.
Daddy downloaded some movies for you.
We're here?
Dad are you here?
Well, well well.
Yeah, hi Isabella. Hi. Ava. Guy Ah...
Settle down.
Clyde! Play with me Clyde! Clyde!
Settle down!
No Dad, I'll do it. Thank you.
Girls, in the lounge, in the lounge.
Did you guys want me to put a movie on for you?
No we go it.
Yes? Is Grandpa still sad?
Yes honey.
Keep busy and don't annoy Grandpa!
Stay! Leave it.
Let's take some photos.
Make sure you clean that up!
Here, take a picture!
Who's that?
That's Grandma and Grandpa.
I miss her.
Oh Dad I ironed your shirt for you.
Thank you.
Would you like me to help you pack this stuff away?
Girls c'mon. Let's go downstairs and watch something. Grandpa needs some quiet. We'll just be in the kitchen.
Everybody else at the golf course feels the same. They're just...
Should we take a picture? Thanks!
A...U... ...G-H-T
You really need to go to sleep.
You just woke us up!
If you wake us up before 6 o'clock, I'm opening all the presents.
Isabel, it's too early!
C'mon everybody!
It's for all of you.
Ha ha girls...
You just tap it.
What is this?
Nana fell in love...
Hey this is how you do it...
Wait, when did you do this?
Awww, you two beauties...
Aha! Clyde! Awww ... Mom fell in love with Dad...
We are pretty perfect!
Hahaha! You are!
See, #1 the best! Nana...
Oh look, she's right there!
Absolutely brilliant, both of you. Thank you!

Written Text

Once Upon A Time
Nana fell in love with grandpa
And they had 2 daughters
Aunt Lisa
And Clyde
This is RUFF!
Then Mom fell in love with Dad
And they had 2 Perfect daughters
The Best
Nana might not be here
but we are all still together
Make Someone's Holiday

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