TurboTax 2020 Commercial "Help" (Official :30) TV Ad Asking for help is another thing people are really good at. When questions come up about taxes, thankfully, TurboTax is really good at helping you out. Visit to learn more. All People Are Tax People.

Roller skating, yellow prom dress, woman climbing a tree, baby crying, boy bringing toilet paper to someone in the bathroom, Mexican wrestling, woman working with someone from TurboTax from her phone

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Help, everyone needs it sometimes. We get in over our heads. Way over... Asking for help is a skill we learn early. And use often, if we're wise. Having another person in your corner is huge. And if you need expert help with something as important as taxes, we're here.

I freelanced last year what expenses can I clam?
I can help you with that let's take a look.

People can be good at anything. Yes, even taxes. Intuit TurboTax

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All people are tax people
Sara - CPA
Intuit Turbotax

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