5G Built Right for Firefighters | Verizon

There’s 5G. Then there’s Verizon 5G—our ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and massive capacity could help firefighters see through smoke when lives are on the line. Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is #5GBuiltRight with the power to change more than your phone. It’ll change everything.

Learn more about Verizon 5G technology for first responders: #5GUltraWideband

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When I am going into a fire, usually when you open the door, smoke is down to the ground. It's pitch black. Time is really of the essence in a structure fire because it can mean life or death.
With 5G we're going to be able to stream the video that they're getting through their mask back to a command center, and stitch those videos from multiple sources together to provide greater situational awareness. 5G ultra-wide band is necessary for all of these applications to work.

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5G built right for firefighters
Future use of 5G. Not available today.
Solomon Boranje - First Responder
Tiffany Murray - Verizon
5G Lab
Screen image simulated.
Regular Vision / C-THRU
There's 5G. Then there's Verizon 5G.

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Verizon 5G Commercial - Why I Serve - One More Sunday | 5G Built Right

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