Going Away Party feat. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen | 2020 Super Bowl Commercial | Genesis

Old luxury had a good run. But in this year’s Super Bowl commercial, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen bid it a long overdue farewell. Watch as they introduce Young Luxury and the first-ever SUV from Genesis. The all-new Genesis GV80. After all, young isn’t an age, it’s a mindset.

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Chrissy Teigen: John, why did you bring me here?
John Legend: I think it's time they throw old luxury a going away party.
Chrissy: Can I have everyone's attention, please. Excuse me, guy who thinks his loud suit is a personality. Woman who claims she hasn't had any plastic surgery. I saw you in the waiting room. And you, lady who goes to Asia once and suddenly think she's spiritual. Guy who leans on everybody for some reason. To old luxury. You had a good run. But now it's time to zhuzh you up a little bit. I give you young luxury...
Chrissy: JOHN! Where were you? It was supposed to be a thing and you made it not a thing.
John: What's the magic word?
Chrissy: Sexiest man alive.
John: Okay.

Announcer: Introducing the GV80, the first ever SUV from Genesis.
John: Somebody had to make luxury fun.
Chrissy: Who better than us, babe.

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