Tropicana Commercial 2020| Breakfast Across America| Tropicana. Sip Your Sunshine.

Brighten your morning with 100% of your daily Vitamin C in Tropicana Pure Premium. Each glass has a million sips of delicious sunshine.

Whether it’s the Vitamin C deliciousness of our Pure Premium Orange Juice or the refreshing flavors of our Premium Drinks, Tropicana always brings a bit of brightness to your day. Tropicana. Sip Your Sunshine. #Tropicana #VitaminC #OrangeJuice #ColdWeather #TropicanaPurePremuim

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Every glass of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice has a million little sips of sunshine. It's a delicious daily dose of Vitamin C. It's 100% real oranges. It's a 70 year tradition. Bringing a moment of brightness to every morning everywhere. Tropicana. Sip your sunshine.

(Lyrics) Woah oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh

I want to feel some sunshine
We share the love, we share the love

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Sip Your Sunshine

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