Reese’s Take 5 | ‘Rock’ Extended Version 2020

This is the extended version of the ad. Check out the shorter version shown during the Super Bowl.

Reese’s Take 5 is next level delicious. Yet almost no one has heard of it. It’s as if people have been living under a rock or were born yesterday. With chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter and pretzels, Reese’s Take 5 is the best candy bar you’ve never heard of.

Man living under a rock, a baby at work who was born yesterday, a woman who was raised by wolves eating raw meat, a clueless man watering his keyboard, man with his head buried in the sand, an alien living inside a human's head, man fresh off the turnip truck, man with his head up his ass

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Trish: Mmmm.
Man: What's that?
Trish: Reese's Take 5 bar. Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, pretzels...
Man: Never heard of it.
Trish: Where have you been? Under a rock?
Man: New to me!
Trish: What, were you born yesterday?
Baby: Really, Trish?
Wolf Woman: Me neither.
Trish: Were you raised by wolves?
Wolf Woman: Really insensitive, Trish.
Trish: Are you clueless? Head in the sand?
Head in Sand Guy: That's offensive, Trish.
Man at Water Cooler: Yeah, Trish.
Trish: You from another planet?
Man Fresh Off the Turnip Truck: I never heard of Take 5 neither. Again!
Man With Head Up Butt: Come on, Trish. None of us have heard of Take 5, so who looks stupid now?

Announcer: Reese's Take Five, the best bar you've never heard of.

Written Text

Reese's Take 5 - The best bar you've never heard of.

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Reese's Take 5 and Super Bowl LIV 2020 Commercial - Rock

Reese's Take 5 and Super Bowl LIV 2020 Commercial - Rock

This Television Commercial refers to Reese's Take 5 and Super Bowl LIV 2020 Commercial - Rock Extended Version

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