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Microsoft is expanding on its existing AI for Good initiative by launching the AI for Health program. AI for Health empowers researchers and organizations with AI to advance the health of people and communities around the world.

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It's the symbiotic relationship between the human and machine that brings the magic of AI to medicine in a meaningful way.
Now we have the tools to make a huge difference to human life.
Cancer research is increasingly powered by data. Those data remain siloed across institutions.
We're creating a data ecosystem that allows people to share data; and, making sure that we're doing that in a way that still maintains the privacy of the patients.
With the power of AI, we can go after the unknown. And, I can guarantee that we'll find something that nobody expected.
Sudden infant death syndrome scares every mother and father. And it is a problem we have to change. The collaboration with Microsoft AI for Health will help to start this next step of our discovery. Our data show very convincingly clear correlation between smoking and SIDS. And, just changing behavior can save children's lives. You cannot measure the benefit of that.
It’s a sad day when the patient comes in and I can’t impact them.
Through AI for Health, we will be building an AI solution that can autonomously diagnose diabetic retinopathy.
With the portable camera, I can take health care to the patients who would not be able to come to us. I want you to look right here.
Going forward, we can address the 500 million patients that are out there; And, disrupt this disease. AI for Health and IRIS, together, can have that impact.
Today, there are 200,000 leprosy patients diagnosed every year. If you catch it in the stage of a skin lesion, you can cure the person. We are teaching an AI algorithm to recognize leprosy in an image of a skin lesion.
With AI, we can help patients help themselves to get to the right experts at the right time. If you can help a child to not lose their fingers, that means everything.
Innovation comes from bringing different perspectives together. And what an amazing partnership this is for all of us.
When you see that you can make a big impact on somebody’s life, that’s the greatest thing ever.
We can help eliminate the oldest disease known to man, and make history. That’s how we want to contribute to the world.

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AI For Good
AI For Health
Hear From AI For Health Grantees
Matthew Trunnell
Co-Founder Cascadia Data Alliance
Brenda Kostelecky, Ph. D.
Director | Cascadia Data Alliance
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Differential Privacy
Personal Information
Randomized Response
Personalized Data
Raphael Gottardo Ph.D.
Scientific Director | Translational Data Science
Integrated Research Center
Nino Ramirez, Ph.D.
Director | Center for Integrative Brain Research
Seattle Children's Research Institute
Risk Factors
Sunil Gupta
Diabetic Retinopathy
Felicia Wynne
VP | Operations
Wendi Adams
Optometry Technician
Community Health NW Florida
Ann Aerts, M.D.
The Novartis Foundation
Shahram Ebadollahi
Global Head | Data Science and AI
AI for Health
AI for Good

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