The Boys: Who Is The World's Fastest Man? | Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video's The Boys: A-Train vs Shockwave.

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There's a new young gun in town. I'm ready to rock the show.
Ladies and gentlemen, here come Shockwave!
You all right?
Huh? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good. I'm good and I'm fast, baby.
You look wired as hell.
That's just mom's uh, her spirit is flowing through my body, you know what I'm saying?
I've got eyes on A-Trian. He's totally jacked.
I'm out of here. I'll check in later.
Where the hell you going?
Trying to see about a girl.
Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the track. Ready. Set. He's done it again! A-Train wins! A new world record for A-Train. They say lightning doesn't strike twice. Stunning! Absolutely stunning.

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