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Anthony Anderson's mama tests T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network at the park, in the kitchen and even at the club! T-Mobile has the only nationwide 5G network. T-Mobile has #5GThatWorks inside and outside. More about T-Mobile 5G:

Learn more about T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G coverage: Check out the T-Mobile 5G coverage map: Learn more about how 5G works: Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. While 5G access won't require a certain plan or feature, some uses/services might. 5G uplink not yet available. See Coverage details, Terms and Conditions, and Open Internet information for network management details (like video optimization) at Subscribe to the T-Mobile YouTube channel and be the first to watch our new videos! Can't get enough of T-Mobile? Find us here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: This #TMobile #commercial features Anthony Anderson and his mama, testing out T-Mobile's nationwide #5G network. #5GThatWorks

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey mama, what's up?
Did you switch my service from Verizon to T-Mobile?
Yup, T-Mobile has the only nationwide 5G.
Well, Mr. Know-it-all let's see if you're right about that. [Phone Hangs Up]
Mama? Ma..?
[Phone Rings] Hey Mama, I'm working.
It works at the pie shop.
T-Mobile's 5G works inside and out.
[Phone rings] Hey what you need mama? I'm trying to watch the game with my boys.
It works in the park.
[Phone rings] Mama? It works at the aquarium. In the parking garage - At the beach! In the elevator. It works in the movie theater too.
Oh shush yourselves. I'm talking to my baby.
[Phone rings] You're driving me crazy.
I was just calling you to say thank you, baby I love you!
I love you too Mama [Hangs up phone]
[Phone rings] Yes, Mama? It works in the kitchen!
[Phone Rings] Mama? 5G! It works in the club!
Who you at the club with? [MUSIC]

Written Text

Anthony's real-life Mama
T-Mobile works inside, outside, and in the club

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