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Will Forte. Kaitlin Olson. Renovations & cartels. Flipped. Coming April 2020. Only on Quibi.

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Is this it for us? We're destined to be two people with vision living amongst the blind?
This is not our destiny, Cricket.
Whoa, what is this?
We're looking for Home Renovation TV's next dynamic duo.
It's demo day!
You know what all this is, right? And you know what we have to do?
Mmm hmm.
Hey, uh, can we be a bit more artful with it?
Now that's what I'm talking about.
To destiny.
Do you realize what you did?
You know I'm gonna have to kill you, right?
You steal half a million dollars from my stash house, and you made it into paradise.
That's how you're gonna pay me back the money that you stole from me. You're gonna renovate my house.
You have a very nice place here.
My designers are your designers.
Not- yes I get it.

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Next Dynamic Duo Context
6125 Adavita Way, Los Angeles, CA 91601
Quibi presents the find of a lifetime comes with a price
Kaitlin Olson, Will Forte, Arturo Castro, Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria
April 2020

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