Sabra | #HowImmus | #SuperBowlLIV :60

You've seen how these celebs 'mmus. Now, we've got one question for you. America, how do YOU 'mmus!?

Chester Cheetah

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

America, how do you 'mmus (hummus)?
This is how I 'mmus.
This is how we 'mmus.
This is how I 'mmus.
How do you 'mmus?
I 'mmus celery.
I 'mmus pretzels.
OK, Boomer.
Así es como yo 'mmus.
I 'mmus pizza - Doug
Mmm hmmm.
And the winner is - Scary Spicy.
This is five story scoop.
This is how we 'mmus.
Sabra hummus - wooo!

Written Text

How do you 'mmus?
Sabra #HowImmus

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