OUR LADIES Trailer (2020) Teen Comedy Movie

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It was a different time then. Before social media and mobile phones changed everything forever. It was 1996.
Some of you are going to Edinburgh for the first time today. You will carry yourselves with grace. But I must warn you, there are men there that would use and discard girls like you.
So when you say "use and discard", Sister, how do you mean?
Now Finnoula, she was the leader.
We should do an all-nighter. Let's meet up in about 2 hours.
Chell could get boys like a Catholic girl. Hello Edinburgh, open your legs.
You are mental.
Kylah had a voice, but she was devious too.
What do you think about those two?
They're about as much fun as a date in the morning.
Manda was the comedian.
I got a citation for ... street.
And me, I was waiting for a miracle.
I'm Stephen with a ph.
Orla with a la.
We've always been best pals. Without each other, do you know where we're going? Or worse, pregnant as soon as possible to a guy with a job.
I turned a bloody graveyard for us.
You can't get into uni.
She's got different opportunities.
It was an innocent time back in the days when anything was possible.
It's beautiful.
My day, it's not often you get what you pay for.
Fresh meat, 3 o'clock.


Now I never met a girl like you before

I'm not expecting to grow flowers in a desert
But I can live and breathe
And see the sun in wintertime

In a big country dreams stay with you
Like a lover's voice fires the mountainside
Stay alive

Written Text

Compelling... Moving ... Briliant - Kevin Maher, The Times
Our Ladies Official Trailer
Sony Pictures Releasing International
Creative Scotland Alba Chruthachail
West Highland Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School OLPS
Snog Us
Finnoula, Chell, Kylah, Manda, Orla
A must-see riot of girl power -Sight&Sound
At cinemas April 24

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