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From a parking lot in LA to an iconic set of stairs in Philadelphia, the magic of the movies can turn any location into cinema gold. Walk, cycle, drive to — and explore — your favorite movie locations, with a little help from Google.

Where are the Joker steps?
I believe we are very close.
[1165 Shakespeare Ave]
Aw, is it right here?
This is it.

Where is the Christmast Story House?
[A Christmas Story House]
That's where Ralphie lived!

[Doc Brown's House]
Doctor Emmett L. Brown's house.

[Craig's House (Friday)]
Behind me is Craig's house from Friday.
Bye, Felicia.

A Star is Born:
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sat right here.
[Super A Foods]
"I'm off the deep end"

[Goonies beach] - Cannon Beach was a filming location of The Goonies, an iconic 80s adventure and comedy film.
We're here! That's the beach they used for it.
[You may want an umbrella]
It's starting to hail!

What is the market from Crazy Rich Asians?
[Newton Food Centre]
Fried, gooey, flavorful. I'm moving to Singapore.

Where was the move Us filmed?
[Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk]
Ah! -

Jurassic Park film site and park:
Welcome to Jurassic Park.

When Harry Met Sally:
[Katz's Delicatessen] - Popular dishes: pastrami on rye, salmon cream cheese bagel, matzo ball soup, New York cheesecake
Yes! Yes! Yes!

[New York City - Philadelphia]
[Rocky Steps] - tourist attraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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What I want you've got
And it might be hard to handle
Like the flame that burns the candle
The candle feeds the flame, yeah, yeah
You make-a my dreams come true, woo hoo
I'm down on my daydream
Oh, that sleepwalk should be over by now
I know
'Bout you
Yeah, yeah
You make my dreams come true
(You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo)
Oh, yeah
I've waited, waited for you, girl
You make my dreams come true

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Google Commercial for 92nd Academy Awards (Oscars 2020) - Find your Scene (:15)

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