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M&M's Messages
I still think I'm right but I'm sorry
Not my usualy passive aggressive apology
I'm still not sick of you
Thanks for being as awesome as I am
I love being socially awkward with you
I'd follow you anywhere in a non-creepy way
Happy whatever age you willing to admit to birthday
He wasn't even that cute
Miss your face
Emotional Support Candy
I got a notification it's your birthday
You're lucky to have a friend like me
This is way better than my advice
If there's anything I can do don't hesitate to contact someone else
I just want to apologize for whatever I do in the future
Congratulations on that thing you did
Congratulations you made it into work today
The award for best friend goes to me
Don't say I never did anything for you
You make mama proud
Don't tell anyone but you're my favorite

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