When All You Can Burgers Is Think About | Postmate It

Burgers on the brain? When all you can burgers is think about, Postmate It. Your food cravings are limitless. Your food delivery service should be too. See the all new commercial film from Postmates.

Postmate It:

A guy is sitting on the subway when he looks up and sees a cheeseburger floating toward him as if he's in zero gravity / free fall. It then collides with another hamburger. Soon the entire train car is full of floating burgers. They are bouncing off his face, and he is in heaven. He then wakes up from his daydream and they fall and disappear.

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When all you can burgers is think about, Postmates

Written Text

When all you can burgers is think about.
When all you can think about is burgers.

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