Chattanooga Thank You

There's no better time than now to thank your favorite team in the world... Ours is here, in Chattanooga. Without them, we wouldn't be us.

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I try to live my life the way my father did. On his tombstone we wrote, "May the work I have done speak for me."
I've been working on cars my whole life, and that has an effect on how I work today.
I come from four generations of racecar drivers. I definitely feel like cars are in my DNA.
I've been living here in Chattanooga my whole life. It's taught me to slow down and do things right.
I feel like I put my soul into the cars.
Every car is important to me.
Very early on, my parents instilled in us that your work ethic, the product you provide, reflects on your name.
People who drive Volkswagens my not know who I am, but I feel like my name is on that car.

Written Text

Chattanooga, Tennessee
The best team isn't on the field. They're here.
Volkswagen VW

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