Budweiser | One Team

This COVID-19 ad celebrates people, but refers to them all as sports teams. Since there are no sports right now, each team is represented by people who are still working during this time.

Blues, Reds, Warriors, Magic, Athletics, Giants, Jazz, Trailblazers, Braves, Yankees, Angels

In uncertain times, there’s one thing that remains certain: we are #OneTeam.

Let’s come together in support of the heroes on the front line of the health crisis. Learn how you can join us and the @American Red Cross at

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This Bud's for the blues (doctors, nurses, medical personnel)
The reds (American Red Cross workers)
And the warriors (white) (people in hazmat suits)
This Bud's for the magic (teachers working online)
The athletics (guy working out at home)
The giants (National Guard directing traffic)
And the jazz (guy playing saxophone from his apartment balcony)
This Bud's for the trailblazers (researchers in a lab)
The braves (delivery worker)
The yankees (NYC transit worker)
And the angels (police officer giving blood)
This Bud's for the home team.

Written Text

American Red Cross - Disaster
This season, we're all One Team
We're shifting our sports investments to help our heroes on the front lines
By using stadiums to host American Red Cross blood drives during the COVID-19 crisis
Join us
American Red Cross

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